BodyTune Health Care

PO Box 121, 11 Tobruk Avenue, Robe, Limestone Coast, South Australia, 5276
If you need a ‘tune-up’ call me for a consultation or book a personal development or business course. I am flexible and much support can be done online. Or, you can organise your personal retreat with me as you stay in beautiful Robe SA and enjoy our beaches etc.
8768 2537
0407 978 335
[email protected]


BodyTune Health Care is dedicated to providing stress management naturally for physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well being. Techniques to keep your brain/body system ‘switched-on’ for living, learning and in your business include individual bodywork using kinesiology, Reiki & other energy work, acupressure, massage, cranio-sacral work & myofascial release techniques. Distant healing is available.

Networking opportunities for healthy products include organic and certified organic products, wellness & immune system support, & pure essential oils.

Zoom is used for goal setting sessions, workshops and courses for personal development, educational and business groups.


Discounted rate for seniors for courses and body work.

Deal Starts: 25-Aug-2021 Ends: 24-Nov-2021

20% discount on consultations; course discounts vary with different courses offered

A discounted rate is available for courses, workshops and one-to-one consultations to assist you to release anxiety and face challenges more easily.

20% discount for Seniors is available for stress management consultations to improve emotional, mental and physical health.

Terms & Conditions

Discount for online and face-to-face consultations and workshops.



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