Millicent Walks

Limestone Coast

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Millicent has some great walking tracks and fantastic, pram, bike and foot-friendly, maintained foot paths.

The Domain Dawdle - Through 'The Domain Precinct, located on Ridge Tce, Millicent.

Lake McIntyre Loop - Belt Road- Saleyards Road - Lake McIntyre - Rendelsham Road.

George Street Journey -George Street - Mt Gambier Road - Williams Road - Ridge Tce.

Swimming Lake Stroll - Park Tce - Main Street - Williams Road - Ridge Tce.

Or feeling like upping the temp - Join in with the Millicent Runners. A very casual group of athletes (they use the term 'athletes' loosely) that sometimes like to run (they use the term 'run' loosely) based in Millicent South Australia Millicent Runners.
'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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