The Aussie Camino

Limestone Coast

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There are many different reasons why people travel – health; to broaden the mind by seeing other places and other cultures; for holidays; while working for multi-national companies; and for sport.

People today, both young and old, are travellers. It is only within the last fifty or so years that the terms globe-trotters, and jet-setters have been coined. A pilgrimage has a different objective. It is a journey with a religious purpose, to visit holy or sacred places called shrines associated with a saint where people can feel near to the saint either through relics or miraculous stories.

Undertaking a pilgrimage is more than a great walk. It is a time to visit your inner self; your own mortality, spirituality, weaknesses and inner strength. All within the context of Mother Nature’s best and the shared compassion of others undertaking their own pilgrimage. It is a chance to walk alone, meditate or share. The walk takes in 200+ kilometres of the new pilgrimage trail known as the Aussie Camino, fashioned on the great pilgrimage trails of Europe.


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