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Outback Odyssey Photography Safari


From $7999
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A new day breaks and you’ve woken up in the middle of some of the most rugged mountain ranges in the world. This is a harsh country - the northern Gammon Ranges. You left five days ago and along the way have explored remote ruins, eaten in outback pubs, photographed night skies dined from camp ovens to shearing shed restaurants and had million-star accommodation.

This is it - the outback adventure of a lifetime. Purposely designed to experience the outback and enjoy the hospitality this harsh environment has to offer. Over 2 weeks you will travel through the land of blue skies and gum tree-lined creek beds to red ochre and outback culture.

Dine in remote pub front bars, drink beer with locals, eat emu, camel crocodile and other adventurous cuisine. Explore the culture of campers, and the hospitality of hoteliers, and swim in untouched gorge waterholes.

This all-inclusive tour is the Outback Odyssey Photography Safari.


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