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Mushroom Walk - A Fungi Identification Tour

Limestone Coast

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Spend a morning immersed in the world of fungi with a comprehensive mushroom identification workshop. Learn to identify mushrooms safely and get to know a variety of local fungi species in a supportive, like-minded community. Discover the "Queendom of Fungi" through their diverse roles, health benefits, scientific advancements, life cycles, and identification methods. By the end of the day, you will gain an understanding of fungi's vital role in our ecosystem and their potential to aid in humanity's and the Earth's well-being.

Dive into a wealth of resources to enhance your mushroom identification skills. Access a variety of books, articles, and art to fuel your mycological passion. Browse our selection of South Spore merchandise, including foraging knives, baskets, and books, along with mushroom tinctures, extracts, and fresh and dried mushroom products.

Children aged 8 years and older with a keen interest in nature are welcome to attend.

The day includes:
Welcoming session
Instruction on identification methodology
Collection of diverse specimens for identification practice
Hands-on identification workshop


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