Stillwater Four Wheel Drive Scenic Tours

Limestone Coast

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Originally known as a Standup Paddleboard school specialising in entertaining water tours, Stillwater has expanded its offerings to include distinctive, boutique-style chauffeured off-road four-by-four scenic adventure tours.

Embark on a Stillwater four-by-four tour to explore some of South Australia's most stunning coastlines and sand dunes. These tours promise a journey through landscapes that are both spectacular and rugged, leaving you breathless with their beauty. Routes may traverse the 'Canunda National Park' from Southend to Carpenter Rocks or the 'Beachport Conservation Park' in Beachport. Each tour accommodates up to seven passengers, ensuring personalised attention and ample time for photo opportunities, sightseeing, beach-combing, and refreshment breaks.

Stillwater is officially recognised and licensed by the Department of Environment and Water (DEW) and National Parks, South Australia. This ensures that our tours adhere to regulations and standards, providing peace of mind to travellers.

Their tours prioritise quality in comfort, adventure, and landscape. Whether you seek relaxation or excitement, their tours offer an optimal balance, ensuring a memorable experience for all.
Your chauffeur, Jamie, brings over 30 years of driving experience to the table. With expertise in four-wheel driving, Jamie ensures safe and enjoyable journeys through diverse terrains.

Optional extras include self-catering or catering packages, allowing guests to tailor their experience to their preferences.


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