Coorong Wild Seafood Factory Tour and Tastings

Murray River Lakes and Coorong

From $25
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You are invited on a journey with your hosts Glen and Tracy Hill who give you a behind the scenes of award winning Coorong Wild Seafood. They will give you an insight into how the regional delicacy, Coorong Mullet, is caught and processed. A wealth of local knowledge is coupled with a guided tour of the processing factory, as well as tempting you with tastings of their products.
Learn about our local fishing industry and the secrets behind the fishing and processing of the famous Coorong Mullet, carp and more.
Enjoy a tantalising tasting of the underrated but delicious Carp. Our tour can be tailored to your interests with a video presentation or alternatively a cooking demonstration featuring simple recipes that you can use at home.
For Optional extras including lunch and other add on experiences. Ring 0427604047


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