Seabirds and Seals Tour

Murray River Lakes and Coorong

From $100
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This is our signature small group tour so imagine yourself on the Coorong where very few people get to travel. The new especially designed "Wildside", a drop front barge allows us to get into places larger vessels can't.
Watch a myriad of birds wheeling overhead, waders hopping along the shoreline and the iconic pelicans coming in to land. Emus appear out of the low scrub and seals laze on the barrages that stretch across the barrier between the freshwater lake and the salty lagoons. A trip of a lifetime with an experienced guide and fisherman. Enjoy your morning tea, add in a seafood lunch or dinner to make your day complete.
Glen Hill your skipper also known as the "Wild manโ€ shares his years of experience to inform educate and entertain you. Take the unique opportunity to explore the Coorong and its wildlife with tours of the lagoons, sandhills and surrounds.
Unique, stunning, wild. So, come and take a walk on the Wildside
For Optional extras including lunch and other add on experiences. Ring 0427604047


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