Secrets of the Coorong

Murray River Lakes and Coorong

From $135
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Do you want to know about the Secrets of the Coorong? Come for a boat ride with your personal guide Glen Hill. Become a field scientist for a day.
You have an opportunity to look beneath the surface of the Coorong to see what secrets are hiding there. Examine the mud and algae to look for the types of plants and animals that inhabit this unique ecosystem. Examine them under a microscope, take a photo and learn the science behind the ecology. This is hands on citizen science at its best. Our local Estuarine Ecologist, Faith Coleman, has helped design the scientific content. Information has been sought from experts at the South Australian Herbarium. Resources have been prepared of dried samples of algae species and descriptions of what you observed on the water. Learn about the formation of the Coorong and learn about mud waves, black ooze, discover keystone species and more. Enjoy a morning tea while listening to a presentation back at the Hill's residence.


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