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5 Night Murray River Indulgence Cruise

Murray River Lakes and Coorong

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Your 5 Night Cruise provides the chance to experience Australia’s greatest river in depth. You’ll be pampered with three gorgeous meals each day prepared by a team of skilled chefs. All the while you can bask in the magnificent scenery as you leisurely journey up and down this fascinating and historic waterway that is the River Murray. And there’s plenty to see and do along the way. Resident expert ecologist will help you explore the amazing River Murray on some of our nature-based excursions. The cruise includes daily shore excursions, live entertainment and Riverview ensuite accomodation in every cabin. Abundant wildlife will be seen throughout your entire Proud Mary cruise. River gums and willows line the banks of this famous river and provide an ideal haven for birds and wildlife. Take a closer look with the aid of binoculars, not only by day but also by night, as the Proud Mary’s powerful floodlights illuminate the graceful willows and dark waters as you cruise.

'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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