Great Southern Tour


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The Great Southern Tour concentrates on the many specialties of the southern coastal region of South Australia and the South Australian outback.

Departing in Adelaide, we explore the outback deserts with birds such as Cinnamon Quail-thrush, Thick-billed Grasswren and Chestnut-breasted Whiteface. The Flinders Ranges, with its rugged escarpments and deep gorges provide rich birdlife including the elusive Short-tailed Grasswren.

You'll visit Birdlife Australia’s splendid Gluepot reserve, home to Malleefowl, Striated Grasswren, the endangered Black-eared Miner, Chestnut Quail-thrush, Southern Scrub-robin and the very rare Red-lored Whistler. The Murray River will provide plenty of excitement with Freckled Duck, Yellow Rosella, Regent and Superb Parrot. Heading east we search for Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo and the tiny Mallee Emu-wren while on the grassy plains we spotlight the endemic and very rare Plains-wanderer. Along the scenic southern coast, you'll pick up Rufous Bristlebird and Gang-gang Cockatoo; marvel at the masses of waterbirds and visit the tall, wet forests home to Superb Lyrebird, Powerful Owl and many other forest birds.

This itinerary provides a perfect balance between maximising the species count – expect around 250 species – and the number of days on the road.


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