Stansbury War Memorial



The Stansbury War Memorial was originally located in front of the Stansbury Institute on Weaver Street. In 1922, when the Memorial Rooms were erected at the front of the Institute, one of the Moreton Bay Fig ‘Memorial Trees’ was relocated to the foreshore, where the Stansbury War Memorial is located today. For many years, the remembrance tradition involved a parade of veterans marching from the Stansbury Institute, to the Memorial Tree to line up in front of a plaque – which is still located next to the tree today.

In 1999, a new War Memorial was constructed including a large granite plaque listing Actions in which soldiers from the Stansbury area served.

In February 2019, the War Memorial was again upgraded, this time to include a limestone wall and two bronze plaques listing Those Who Served in WWI and WWII. These new plaques now mark the entrance of the Stansbury War Memorial.

Update June 2020. Please maintain social distancing when visiting this attraction.





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