Windara Reef

Yorke Peninsula

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The first of its kind in South Australia and the largest in Australia, Windara Reef is a shellfish restoration reef in Gulf St Vincent.

Windara Reef offers great fishing for recreational fishers with fish species including King George Whiting & Snapper.
The reef is named Windara Reef after the Narungga name for the eastern section of Yorke Peninsula, which is one of the 4 clans making up Narungga. It is located 1km off the Rogues Point coast, 7km south of Ardrossan and is at a water depth of 8-10 metres.
The 4-hectare site is the first construction phase of Windara Reef, and is made of 60 custom-made concrete structures and over 800 tones of Yorke Peninsula limestone, covered with Pacific Oyster shells & juvenile native oysters

A miniature version of the reef is located on the clifftop at the end of the Main Street in Ardrossan. Its shows the structure of the reef below the surface and there is a brief explanation to read.


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