Stenhouse Bay

Stenhouse Bay, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, 5575


The southernmost settlement on Yorke Peninsula, Stenhouse Bay located 284 kilometres from Adelaide is the entry point to Innes National Park.

Although it finished as a town in the 1970s, its heritage-listed jetty and old mining implements are a reminder that the district was once Australia’s primary source of gypsum for plaster and cement.

Chances are almost every older house in southern suburban Australia has some Inneston gypsum, shipped from Stenhouse Bay, in it.

You can learn about this amazing heritage by following the Thomson Pfitzner Plater Trail hike to Inneston. The trail follows the old wooden rail line and has interpretive signage along the way.

Today, the jetty is popular for fishing and diving. When diving you will enjoy clear water with an abundance of marine life.

The thing about Stenhouse Bay is that when you get there, and you are heading southwest into the park, the fun is just beginning.



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