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Yorke Peninsula

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Yorketown is at a junction of five roads leading to other towns all the same distance away. Take the town walk to discover the area's history.

You'll also find two friendly hotels, a caravan park, playground and a good variety of shops to stock up on supplies, including a seven day supermarket.

Rightly known as the hub of southern Yorke Peninsula, the town also has a hospital, banks, churches, oval and facilities for all sports.

In the early days, Yorketown was called 'Weaners Flat', because it was where the pastoralists separated the lambs from the ewes.

Surrounded by around 200 salt lakes, the town has a history based initially on harvesting those lakes. Today, the crystal formations are a boon for photographers and the red pink to white of some of the lakes catches the eye.

When visiting Yorketown, there are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy. Start with the captivating Old Courthouse photographic display, followed by the enlightening Yorketown Historical Society Town Walk. Don't miss the stunning Pink Lake and Lake Sunday, perfect for nature enthusiasts. Take a leisurely stroll through the charming Yorketown playground and walking trail, adorned with captivating murals as part of the Yorke Peninsula Art Trail. Golf enthusiasts can tee off at the picturesque Yorketown Golf Course. For a taste of local delights, visit the Peesey Pantry Emporium & Tea Rooms. Nature lovers will relish the serene Weaners Flat. Additionally, admire the artistic Yorketown Water Tower Art, a highlight of the Southern Yorke Peninsula Mural Trail, and explore the Yorke Peninsula Salt Lake Trail for a unique and memorable experience.

Yorketown owed most of its prosperity in the early days to the salt industry which reached its peak during the First World War with 57,000 tonnes farmed in a year. Production ceased in the 1950s when the salt refinery closed in Edithburgh.

Yorketown's Old Courthouse contains over 1000 photographs depicting early pioneer days and the Yorketown Historical Society has mapped out a town walk.


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