11 May 2020

Looking for a walking trail this winter? Here's Walking SA's best 10 waterfall walks, from leisurely strolls to hard-core hikes.

Three Falls Grand Hike, Morialta

Morialta waterfall, Adelaide

A hike that visits all three of the waterfalls in Morialta Conservation Park, skirting around the gorge up Fourth Creek past First Falls, Second Falls and Third Falls. First Falls are the dramatic falls accessible from the easy Morialta Falls Valley Walk, which can also be viewed from above at Eagle Nest Lookout on the Three Falls Grand Hike. 
Distance: 5.39km, 1.5 hours walk.
Where to find it: Morialta Conservation Park, less than 30 minutes drive from Adelaide city. 


There are numerous large pools at Mannum Waterfalls, with some waterfalls between them. Take the scenic walking trail following Reedy Creek from the lower pools to the waterfalls. An abundance of birdlife and wildlife can be found around the rock pools and waterfalls.
Distance: 3km, 2-3 hours return. 
Where to find it: Mannum Waterfall at Tepko, 1.5 hours drive from Adelaide.


Deep Creek is a permanent waterhole, with flows in winter and spring and this hike offers some of the best ocean and bush views in the park, and past the Deep Creek waterfall. Best suited to experienced, fit walkers. The trail from Trig Picnic Area or from the Tapanappa Lookout and walkers can choose from shorter distances or the full 12km circuit. 
Distance: 12km, 7 hours for the full circuit. 
Where to find it: Deep Creek Conservation Park is located about 1.5 hours drive from Adelaide.


There are two sets of falls: the lower and upper waterfalls in Belair National Park. Both are of similar large size with rocks cliffs, but are often not even a trickle - except after decent rains which is the best time to visit. There is a viewing platform at the lower waterfall, and the walking trail passes along the top of the upper waterfall. The trail takes you through Echo Tunnel. 
Distance: 6.5km, 3 hours walk.
Where to find it: Belair National Park is located just 20 minutes drive from Adelaide city.

Hindmarsh Falls, Fleurieu peninsula

Enjoy a short walk to the lookout to see the waterfalls at Hindmarsh Falls, as water cascades over numerous pools. The lower car park is adjacent to a picnic area. The Falls can be accessed at the end of Waterfall Road, Hindmarsh Valley (off of Hindmarsh Tiers Road). 
Distance: 200m, 15 minutes walk. 
Where to find it: Hindmarsh Falls is located just over an hour's drive from Adelaide. 


The Sturt River through Sturt Gorge flows for most of the year, but the waterfalls are best after rains. There are two hikes that take in this waterfall - Loop of Upper Sturt Gorge, along River Trail (7.6km, 4 hours) and River Trail, Sturt Gorge, (9.8km, 5 hours) 
Distance: Up to 9.8kms, 4-5 hours walk. 
Where to find it: Sturt Gorge Recreation Park is located just 30 minutes drive from Adelaide city.


Enjoy a short 250m walk with the family at Ingalalla Falls. The trail starts at the picnic area, following the creek upstream for 250 metres to reach the rock pool and waterfall. There are several picnic areas along the way. 
Distance: 500m, 45 minutes return walk. 
Where to find it: Ingalalla Falls is located about 1.5 hours drive from Adelaide.


Alligator Gorge, Mount Remarkable National Park
Alligator Gorge, Mount Remarkable National Park

Alligator Gorge in Mt Remarkable National Park features the Terraces, a long series of small cascading waterfalls, and the Narrows. Explore Alligator Gorge on either of these hikes: Gorge Circuit Hike (2 hours, 3.3km) or Alligator Gorge Ring Route Hike (4 hours, 8.9km) 
Distance: Up to 9km, 4 hours walk. 
Where to find it: Mount Remarkable National Park is located about 3.5 hours drive from Adelaide.

Waterfall Trail, Mark Oliphant Conservation Park, Adelaide Hills

The waterfall is a large amphitheatre but doesn’t flow often. The Waterfall Trail passes through the waterfall, which is a rewarding trail walk but can at times can be a little overgrown. The Mark Oliphant Conservation Park is a gem for walkers with marked trails and firetracks named with street signs.
Distance: 1.6km, 1 hour walk. 
Where to find it: Mark Oliphant Conservation Park is located just 30 minutes drive from Adelaide city. 

Waterfall Gully, Adelaide Hills

Morialta Water Fall, Adelaide

There are six waterfalls along the Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty hike. This is a popular hike and the First Falls are the most spectacular and accessible from the carpark. The Second Falls are just 500 metres along the trail before the climb to Mount Lofty begins. 
Distance: 3.9km return, 1.5-3 hours (depending on pace)
Where to find it: Waterfall Gully is located just 20 minutes drive from Adelaide city.

Extend your stroll

Want to step up your walks? From the outback to the ocean, South Australia is packed with incredible long-distance hiking and walking trails to stretch your legs and get back to nature. Tour South Australia’s great outdoors on foot with our guide to the best walks in South Australia


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