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Knocking back an oyster plucked straight from the ocean is one of life’s true pleasures. With more than 4,000km of pristine coastline, South Australia produces some of the world’s most sough-after oysters. From the Eyre Peninsula to Kangaroo Island, slurp a dozen straight from the source with our guide to the best places to eat oysters in South Australia.


The Oyster Farm Shop, Kangaroo Island

Oyster Farm Shop, Kangaroo Island
Oyster Farm Shop, Kangaroo Island

Where else would you look for fresh oysters than an island paradise? Perched on the American River wharf within swinging distance of the oyster lease, at Kangaroo Island’s Oyster Farm Shop you can taste fresh Pacific Oysters as you watch the day’s haul brought to shore. The secluded waters of this picturesque lagoon also provide the perfect conditions for one of the world’s rarest oysters – Angasi Oysters. Also known as the Native Flat Oyster, Southern Mud Oyster and Australian Flat Oyster, this local delicacy is endemic to southern Australia. Its trademark umami flavours have earned it a place on the menu of some of the country’s best restaurants, but are best sampled straight from the source. Perfectly seasoned by mother nature, taste them al natural or choose from seven hot and cold toppings from the deli-style farm gate.

Coffin Bay, Eyre Peninsula

Experience Coffin Bay, Eyre Peninsula
Experience Coffin Bay, Eyre Peninsula

The remote, pristine Eyre Peninsula waters produce some of the world’s most sought-after oceanic treasures. Cradled by national parks, Coffin Bay is at the heart of the region’s thriving oyster industry where thousands of plump, buttery Pacific Oysters are harvested each week. The bay is home to some 900 hectares of oyster leases where some 1.5 billion (yep, billion!) oysters await. Here, you can slurp oysters plucked straight from the ocean as the saltwater trickles down your arm and back into the ocean.

The ultimate oyster shucking experience, jump on-board an oyster boat, then chug out to the beautiful waters of Coffin Bay National Park with Coffin Bay Oyster Farm or Experience Coffin Bay. Take in the Eyre Peninsula's truly unique coastal scenery as you cruise to the oyster lease, local wine and freshly shucked oysters at the ready. See how oysters are grown, pick up some tricks of the trade, then devour what are arguably the best oysters in the world, picked straight from the sea by the farmer himself. If you'd rather stay on land, you can dig into world-famous Eyre Peninsula oysters and local wine right on the foreshore at Oyster HQ or 1802 Oyster Bar.

Streaky Bay, Eyre Peninsula

Streaky Bay, Eyre Peninsula
Streaky Bay, Eyre Peninsula

Further along the Eyre Peninsula, the nutrient-rich swells of the Southern Ocean are responsible for producing fist-sized oysters primed for plucking. Streaky Bay oysters are renowned for their sweet flavour, which is best savoured direct from the farmer. Taste oysters straight from the source at Evans Oysters or work your way through a seafood buffet on EP Cruises’ Ocean to Plate experience. On tour, you’ll taste oysters plucked and shucked before your eyes, plus just-harvested abalone and swimmer crab, and fish just pulled in from the end of your line.

Ceduna and Smoky Bay, Eyre Peninsula

Ceduna and nearby Smoky Bay produce almost half of South Australia’s oysters. Cultivated in the crisp waters of the Great Australian Bight away from any freshwater flows, the area’s oysters rely on nutrient-rich ocean upwellings rather than land run-offs to thrive, resulting in a unique, salty taste. Taste them for yourself atop SA Premium Oyster’s custom-built platform with 360-degree views across their Smoky Bay oyster farm, sipping local wine and slurping oysters as dolphins frolic in the waters beyond.

Southern Yorke Oysters, Yorke Peninsula

Stansbury Oysters, Yorke Peninsula
Stansbury Oysters, Yorke Peninsula

Halfway along the Yorke Peninsula lies Stansbury, the stronghold for an impressive bounty of fresh oysters hauled straight from the Southern Ocean. Pacific Estate Oysters raise around two million Pacific and several thousand Angasi oysters on their 20-hectare lease which are available to taste direct from their farm gate or on tour. Try your hand at being a deckie for a day on a working oyster boat and collect oysters fresh from the ocean yourself. Journey out to the oyster leases, learn the tricks of the trade then shuck and chow down on the freshest oysters you’ll find.

Glenelg Oyster Bar, Adelaide

Briny and straight from the ocean, grilled, dripping in butter or topped with chilli; The Oyster Bar is an ode to all things oyster. Just minutes from the city, this iconic restaurant is perched on the marina at Glenelg and is an institution for mollusc-loving foodies. The kitchen sources Pacific Oysters exclusively from Coffin Bay to create more than nine oyster concoctions well-worth shelling out for. Down a dozen for dinner then pull up a seat for their oyster shucking class to continue your feast at home. The menu also has options for your less oyster-inclined friends.

Seafood Frontier Road Trip

Love seafood? Let your taste buds lead the way along the Seafood Frontier road trip and enjoy a safari of some of the freshest and most sumptuous seafood on offer on the Eyre Peninsula.


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