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Jet Flight Simulator Adelaide


At Jet Flight Simulator Adelaide, you'll Captain our state of the art simulator based on the world's most popular airliner, the Boeing 737-800NG*, where you can choose from more than 24,000 airports around the globe in almost any weather condition you can imagine - the choice is yours Captain!

Or if speed is your thing, try flying at Supersonic Speeds in our state of the art flight simulator based on the F/A-18 Super Hornet*.

For the real Top Gun pilot, try landing this amazing jet on the aircraft carrier at nearly 250 Kms per hour!, by far the most challenging and addictive parts of the flight! This high speed jet will have you flying like the best of the best!


Kids under 12 from $69, Adults from $99 for 30 minute flights!


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    Family Friendly
    Parents Room
    Public Toilet

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