The Human League


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Hailing from Sheffield, The Human League dominated the airwaves and charts throughout the 80s with their stylish synth-pop that still remains as fresh, current and highly influential today as it did when released.

Pioneering a new era in music, The Human League were one of the first bands to use computers and sequencers to create rhythm and music paving the way for the decades of electronic music that were to follow. In 1982, the Sydney Morning Herald was already describing them as ‘one of the first futurist bands.”

The apex of 80s synth-pop, the album 'Dare' contained four hit singles, including the synth pop masterpiece ‘Don’t You Want Me’ ‘Love Action’ ‘The Sound of The Crowd’ and ‘Open Your Heart’ and is sheer perfection from start to finish. Whilst Philip Oakey initially thought ‘Don’t You Want Me’ was the weakest track on the album and relegated it to the last track on side two of the album, it was released as the 4th single in November 1981. Aided by an iconic video and the rising influence of MTV, it went on to become the biggest single from 'Dare' and is to this day a staple on radio playlists worldwide.
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