Grill Academy Experiences - The Original By Weber


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With spectacular views across the parklands and to the Adelaide CBD, the Weber Grill Academy welcomes locals and tourists who are keen to get fired up and take their backyard barbecue skills to a whole new level!

The Weber Grill Academy offers a range of experiences, from structured barbecue classes open to the public, to curated events for corporate and private clients.

All produce is sourced locally, and visitors to Adelaide will enjoy the breath-taking views of the city of Adelaide over the parklands, while preparing a feast of South Australian flavours, the Weber way.

5 minutes from most city accommodation, 30 minutes from the airport the Weber Grill Academy is located on the eastern fringe of Adelaide city.

Individuals or small groups can book their Barbecue Class Experience online, or larger groups or tours through their travel agent. For international groups we can tailor a package that incorporates their specific language, dietary and religious requirements.
'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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