Pasadena Foodland Locale Food Tour


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Join an immersive sensory tour which shares the stories behind the food-lovers’ wonderland at Pasadena Foodland!

This carefully-curated, small group experience indulges participants in the food, wine and coffee culture at the heart of this popular culinary shopping and dining destination.

The culmination of 70 years of retailing excellence, Pasadena Foodland is far more than an award-winning supermarket – it’s also a buzzing hospitality and retail innovation hub featuring an oyster bar, salumi bar, wood-fired oven, spice bar, a working patisserie, and flower shop.

Something special happens at each hospitality location with interactive encounters offering participants the chance to learn tips and tricks from the experts.

Throughout the journey, guests taste the finest international and South Australian produce including sensational seafood, exotic fruits, salumi and cheese platters, boutique wine, freshly-baked wood-oven creations, grass-fed meat, decadent house-made cakes and specialty coffee. This exclusive experience culminates in a sit-down chef’s table, offering an abundant feast of several courses created from produce and ingredients all available in-store. Guests may even be lucky enough to meet the visionary father and son duo behind this unique South Australian business - founders “Mr Nick” and Spero Chapley.

'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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