The Pinnacle: Barossa - Private


From $1650
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Pinnacle: the highest or culminating point, as of success, power, fame, etc.

Explicitly curated for collectors and connoisseurs who want to experience only the very best, you’ll witness the truly iconic heavyweights that put the Barossa wine on the world map.

Experience the origin of where it all began with exclusive access to Australia’s most hallowed wine turf Henschke’s Hill of Grace vineyard. At over 150 years old, this is one of the most iconic vineyards in the world. Following your vineyard and winery experience, you'll enjoy a privately hosted tasting of their flagship range, including the current release of Hill of Grace.

After a truly Barossan lunch at FINO Seppeltsfield, you’ll take the short drive to Penfold’s. Here you'll enjoy a privately hosted tasting of their flagship range including the current release of Penfold’s Grange - valued at $1000 retail per bottle.

This is the only tour available anywhere that allows you access to taste both Penfold’s Grange and Henschke's Hill of Grace in the same day.

The pinnacle can only be earned by climbing your way to the top. Savour the Pinnacle.


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