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Birds of Yarnbala

Eyre Peninsula

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Yarnbala’s vegetation has been valued by ecologists as ‘excellent’ due to intact plant strata with minimal disturbances and suitable habitat for a wide range of bird species. A large amount of small passerine bird species of regional and state significance call Yarnbala home with some species flagged as having a national conservation rating.

Neighbouring Yarnbala, is an area of national importance where a variety of rare and threatened migratory shorebirds arrive from the northern hemisphere in spring time, spending the summer months on our shores.

Migratory shorebirds travel up to 26,000 kilometers on these return journeys, crossing state boundaries, countries and oceans, linking the ecosystems.

This is a fantastic opportunity to witness these amazing birds in their natural environment and to learn about these unique creatures.

Understanding that bird-watching is a unique and personal experience we will craft a tailor made tour that aligns with the specific types of birds you’re interested in observing. Our knowledgeable guide will not only introduce you to the region's fantastic feathered friends, but its kaleidoscope array of flora adding immeasurable value to your experience.

This tour is designed for a limited number of participants and for the photographic enthusiasts as well.

'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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