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Wild Yarnbala

Eyre Peninsula

From $90

This is an inspiring, interactive and informative 90 min guided tour where you will forage and taste different types of bush tucker in one of South Australia’s last remaining intact grassy she-oak woodlands, recently listed as ‘critically endangered’.

Spot some of our unique native birds and animal species, you may see an emu with a flock of chicks, a goanna basking in the sun or the cutest native animal, the western pygmy possum. Learn the ancient method of water divining and see if you have the 'gift' of finding ground water deep under Yarnbala.

Then relax and enjoy a beautiful local Coffin Bay gin, garnished with the very own botanicals you have recently collected or some of South Australias finest wines or craft beers whilst you are inspired by a live performance of the didgeridoo, blended seamlessly with the lapsteel guitar.

Marvel at the famous artistically designed central meeting place of Yarnbala, made entirely from recycled natural materials built beautifully around the central fire pit.

You will feel the nostalgia of a past connection to a time of peace, tranquillity and nature.

Wild Yarnbala is a tour not to be missed! Suitable for all ages.


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