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Tim's Taxis Ardrossan

Yorke Peninsula

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Ardrossan tries to provide as many services to our visitors as possible and one of the services we can offer our visitors is for Tim to drive you on a day's exploration of the Wineries, Boutique brewery, and distillary on the peninsula. The other option you have is for Tim to pick you and your picnic basket up and leave you at your chosen point on the Walk the Yolk and agree on a time and point to meet you later in the day.

The other very important service Tim provides is to give our visitors a lift home from parties or celebrations as we don't have public transport after hours on the peninsula, we have one shuttle bus that runs once a day to Adelaide.

Tim’s Taxis Ardrossan - 0447770012

Also you can ring 131008 as we are part of this network as well
1687 Yorke Highway, Clinton 5570
Drivers – June and Guy Harrison
Sunday to Wednesday inclusive 7am till 11 pm
Thursday 7 am till midnight
Friday and Saturday 7am till 1am depending on client demand

We accept all major credit cards, government access vouchers and cab charge
<p>Disabled access available, contact operator for details.</p>


Family Friendly
'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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