01 Apr 2017

Just over an hour’s drive from Adelaide, the Yorke Peninsula is home to a whopping 700 kilometres of picture-perfect coast.

Pack your bags, jump in the car and follow the lead of local Instagrammers Lachy Riley and Jack Brookes. It’s time to set off on an iconic Yorke Peninsula road trip!

Relax, wind down the window, and inhale that ocean air. Stop-off for a mandatory servo pie, then spend the day sprawled on your towel at any one of these five picture-perfect Yorke Peninsula beaches.


Shell Beach, Yorke Peninsula. Pic: Lachy Riley

Tell me more: Located on the far end of Innes National Park, this secluded beach is big enough to reinforce the vastness of the peninsula, but small enough to make it feel like your own private island. A climb over the dune from the car park provides panoramic views of the white sand, crystal blue water and neighbouring Brown’s Beach.


Soaking up the sun at Corny Point, Yorke Peninsula. Pic: Jack Brookes

Tell me more: Nestled below the lighthouse of Corny Point, this beach dishes up exceptional views of the white sands and blue waters from the moment your car comes to a stop, to when you step foot in the sand. The walkway from the car park gently carries you down onto the southern end of the beach giving you the chance to leave some of the only footprints on the beach as you stroll across. 


Looking out at Berry Bay, Corny Point, Yorke Peninsula. Pic: Lachy Riley

Tell me more: A few minutes from Cap Clairout, along the white metal Lighthouse Road, is Berry Bay. Its seemingly endless stretch of white sand and beach break make it the perfect home for surf schools. The clifftop views from the car park give you a sweeping look back over to Corny Point Lighthouse.


The Horseshoe, Yorke Peninsula. Pic: Lachy Riley

Tell me more: This beach isn’t officially named, however it does bear resemblance to a horseshoe so we’ll stick with that. Located 1 kilometre south of Berry Bay, this tiny beach exists in its own world. The gentle walkway down to the beach follows the contours of the headland, wrapping down and around while keeping the beach in full view.


Willyama Beach, Yorke Peninsula. Pic: Lachy Riley

Tell me more:
Situated around the headland from Marion Bay beach, this family friendly stretch of beach can be accessed via the walkway across the headland from Marion Bay, or any number of the paths cutting through the sand dunes. Although the sand is not the whitest on the peninsula, it still offers everything you need for a summer’s day down the beach.

Ready to hit the road?

Set off on your own Yorke Peninsula roadtrip and #SeeSouthAustralia!

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