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Experience our beautiful landscapes from the sky on a hot air balloon flight. See rolling hills, rows of vines, green plains and the Murray River.

Murray Street Vineyards, Barossa

Go on a romantic, adventurous and thrilling hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Barossa region, just an hour's drive north of Adelaide.

Float high above birds and the clouds. Glide over the vineyards and rolling hills of the Barossa ranges. See historic towns, green plains and lush paddocks and the majestic Murray River. Only from the air can you truly appreciate its size and beauty.

Hear the occasional whoosh of the gas burner and a gently-creaking wicker basket while you watch the sun rise from the balloon, breathe in the fresh air and toast your return to earth with a glass of the region's finest sparkling wines.

Fly high with Barossa Valley Ballooning or Barossa Balloon Adventures.