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Seafood Frontier: See the Eyre Peninsula

Road trip through the Eyre Peninsula's oceanic utopia and get closer to nature. Stop to swim with sea lions or encounter great white sharks on a truly unique South Australian cage diving experience, or wander along pristine beaches where the waters are literally teeming with seafood.

Shark Cage Diving


From May to August, the waters around Whyalla come alive with the annual migration of the giant Australian cuttlefish – this one-of-a-kind natural spectacle is not to be missed!

Set your GPS for Whyalla, where an incredible natural phenomenon puts this historic seaside town on the map. The annual migration of giant Australian cuttlefish between May and August is one of the most spectacular events under the sea and is unique to South Australia. Further down your path is the small seaside town of Tumby Bay, that has been transformed into a living gallery awash with a kaleidoscope of street art. From grain silos to the local motel, the town is a giant canvas adorned with art around every turn. Once you have arrived in Port Lincoln, the biggest town along the Eyre Peninsula, dare to delve below the surface on a shark cage diving expedition off the coast. Port Lincoln is the only place in Australia where you can come face-to-face with great whites in their natural environment, thanks to Calypso Star Charters or Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions.

Experience Coffin Bay


Come face-to-face with an apex predator, or swim alongside ‘sea puppies’ in their natural habitat at Port Lincoln.

Half an hour down the road from Port Lincoln is Coffin Bay, a place synonymous with seafood. Jump on board an oyster boat, then chug out to the beautiful waters of Coffin Bay National Park. See how oysters are grown, pick up some tricks of the trade, then devour what are arguably the best oysters in the world, plucked straight from the sea with Experience Coffin Bay. If you'd rather stay on land, you can dig into world famous Eyre Peninsula oysters and local wine at Oyster Farm Tours, right on the foreshore. Afterwards, throw on your bathers and head out to explore the Coffin Bay National Park, where sand dunes meet azure blue waters brimming with sea life. Peer out at the wild ocean from the Woolshed Cave – a huge cavern set deep in a granite cliff, formed by pounding waves over thousands of years. Just steps away lies The Tub, a large crater that is connected to the sea by an underground tunnel. Venture further and you'll encounter dramatic cliffs that offer some seriously amazing views to the south along Talia Beach. Further down the trail in Baird Bay is where you can squeeze into a wet suit, slap on a snorkel spend the morning meeting and greeting playful sea lions and lightning-fast dolphins. The more active you are, the more they’ll want to play; duck, dive, roll and race – just don’t expect to be the star of the show. Book in your swimming lessons from sea lions or frolic with a pod of 25 resident dolphins with Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience.

Lake MacDonnell


Discover magnificent southern right whales on their annual migration along the South Australian coastline with a cruise departing from Head of Bight.

Continue up the coast and discover the jaw-dropping magenta waters of one of South Australia’s most photographed pink lakes. Mother Nature’s full palette is on show at the Eyre Peninsula’s Lake MacDonnell with a super high salt concentration, resulting in some seriously intense pink colours. Afterwards, head down the road to the township of Penong, towards Cactus Beach. This oceanic wonderland is a mecca for surfers from around the world on a pilgrimage, in search of the best waves. Between July to September each year Fowlers Bay and Head of Bight light up with the magical presence of the southern right whale. Jump on board an EP Cruise for up close interactions with these 90 tonne giants, as well as humpback whales, bottlenose and common dolphins, Australian sea lions and long nosed fur seals. The Nullarbor is one of the most significant nursery grounds for the southern right whale globally and at the height of the whale season up to 100 whales can be spotted in the waters off Head of Bight at any one time. Park at the Head of Bight Whale Watching Centre and follow the cliff-top boardwalk to a viewing platform from where migrating whales can be seen in the deep blue waters below.


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