17 Jun 2022

Linger longer and lap up some of the most awe-inspiring locations in 'remote' Australia with a gig in tourism

Already dreaming up ways of extending your stay in South Australia? We don’t blame you! Or maybe you are already here and need more information on how to keep living it up in one of the most affordable, laid-back, and eclectic states in Australia. Either way, we have you covered. Check out our guide to the process of landing your second and even third working holiday visa below. 

**Disclaimer - The information provided by SATC is intended as a guide for WHMs seeking to live and work in South Australia. Clients should refer to the Department of Home Affairs' information or engage a registered migration agent for migration advice.

According to the Home Affairs website, there are a few things you need to consider before applying for a second or third working holiday maker visa. Firstly, you will need a passport and $495 AUD to pay for the visa. Secondly, you will need to be 18-30 years old, or up to 35 for some countries.

But most importantly, to apply for a second working holiday visa – known as a subclass 417 visa – you need to have completed at least 3 months, or a minimum period of 88 days, of what the Australian Government calls ‘specified work’.

If you currently hold or have already held a second working holiday maker visa and want to squeeze the most out of your stay, you can apply for a third. To be eligible, you need to have worked 179 calendar days of that same ‘specified work’ – or about 6 months.

For more information on how those time periods are calculated, and to work out if you have already completed that work, visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website here.

*Please note, you generally need to have completed that paid work during the period of your previous working holiday maker visa – it’s not work you will start once you get your new visa.

Specified work is essentially what the Australian Government has deemed as eligible employment for the purpose of extending your stay here.

In Australia, we have plenty of industries that need people like you to help with staffing shortages – so the Government is encouraging working holiday makers to fill those vacancies by making that type of work, in a set number of industries, a requirement of your resume to stay on in Australia.

The full list of industries that qualify are available on the Home Affairs website, but tourism and hospitality in remote or very remote Australia qualifies as of June 22, 2021!

Work in the tourism or hospitality industry needs to have been carried out from June 22, 2021 (not prior to this date) and can be put towards any second or third working holiday maker visa lodged from March 5, 2022.

The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs will consider your job as valid for the purpose of a second or third working holiday maker visa if it is “in a range of occupations that directly provide a service to tourists”. This could be anything from a guide to a museum manager, a chef or tour bus driver. Working as a cleaner in a restaurant or as a sales assistant in a souvenir shop does not count.

For more information on specified work and what kind of tourism work qualifies (volunteer work is included), check out the official source of information – the Home Affairs website.

The Australian Government has laid out several postcodes – numbers we use to identify a certain area, suburb, neighbourhood, or town – that count as ‘remote and very remote Australia’. For most internationals, it would be easy to confuse a lot of Australia as remote – we do have a lot of wide-open space. But, be sure to check the remote and very remote Australia postcodes and do your research to see if the job you are considering is in a place that qualifies under this definition. Even if employers say their job is eligible for the 88 days, always do your due diligence and check the Home Affairs website.

We have taken some of the leg work out for you by cherry-picking some of our most awe-inspiring regions that qualify as remote Australia for the purpose of extending your visa.

For a comprehensive job board that lists South Australian second year visa jobs, visit the Backpackers Job Board of South Australia, or our SA Jobs Board for broader job opportunities across South Australia. 

Check out some of the jobs available now in 'remote' Australia


Ikara, Flinders Ranges and outback
Ikara, Flinders Ranges and outback

If you have been fantasising about the vast, Mars-like expanse of the outback then make your daydream a day job by working as a station hand in the heart of Australia. For a completely different and life-altering experience, you could find yourself working in the Flinders Ranges and Outback as a station hand just outside of Coober Pedy at Allandale Station, or at the iconic Marree Hotel as a kitchen hand, chef or all-rounder – with free accommodation included! Looking for something completely whacky that will stand out on your resume? Why not become a cameleer assistant for Flinders and Beyond Camel Treks. Based in Blinman, just north of Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park, this tiny town was put on the map thanks to the Blinman Heritage Mine. Also check out what vacancies there are in tourism hot spots of Wilpena Pound, Rawnsley Park Station and Prairie Hotel to name a few. 


Kangaroo Island Brewery, Kangaroo Island
Kangaroo Island Brewery, Kangaroo Island

Float away from mainland Australia to Kangaroo Island and follow the road less travelled. Discover unique wildlife, miles of pristine coastline and stunning beaches, breath-taking scenery, and a laid-back lifestyle. With a job at the Kangaroo Island Brewery up for grabs, picture yourself serving frothys to locals and tourists alike while overlooking some of the best views of the island.


Sea lions, Blyth Island, Eyre Peninsula
Sea lions, Blyth Island, Eyre Peninsula

Dive into the Eyre Peninsula best known for its world-famous aquatic activities and you could swim with sea lions and sharks, devour world-famous seafood and take in jaw-dropping views of the natural surrounds that the region has to offer. A job in the Eyre Peninsula could see you working as a chef at Coffin Bay’s 1802 while surfing and eating an abundance of oysters on your days off.


Corny Point, York Peninsula
Corny Point, York Peninsula

Just over an hour’s drive from Adelaide and you will be transported to one of South Australia’s most accessible seaside escapes – the Yorke Peninsula. With 700 kilometres of pristine coastline to explore, why not marvel at its beauty from the sea as a deckhand for Willis Seafood, before exploring the sandy white shores, national parks and best fishing spots on your days off. Jim Willis, the man behind Willis Seafood is a South Australian fishing icon. He has spent a life calling the Australian coastline his home office. What’s better than getting to work out on the big blue all day? Accommodation and food come with the gig!


Bills Boathouse, Murray River
Bills Boathouse, Murray River

The Riverland is a place where the spirit of nature runs free and uninhibited. Here you’ll find an abundance of stunning conservation parks, a thriving fruit industry and Australia’s largest wine region - making the Riverland a unique pocket of South Australia to work, live and explore. Just south of the Riverland is a tiny country town called Pinnaroo – a gateway town between Melbourne and Adelaide, as well as nearby regions Limestone Coast and Murray River, Lakes and Coorong. When you are not working, embark on a road trip south of Pinnaroo towards the coastline and dive into prehistoric sinkholes, or book a floating AirBnB with the river literally on your doorstep. A job is up for the taking at the Pinnaroo Hotel, for bar staff work to work in an amazing community filled with friendly people, with wonderful opportunities to explore and adventure on your well earned days off.  


Check out our blog about the 7 things you can only do in South Australia to get a taste for what our state has to offer. From shark cage diving to prehistoric mountain ranges and underground gardens – South Australia will reward your wonder.


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