24 Aug 2016
Outback roads

These boots were made for walking - as are Adelaide's streets. Catch up with a local guide and let them lead to the city's attractions and beyond.

Adelaide is a fantastic city to for a walking as it's all so easily accessible, meaning you cover a lot of ground in a short distance.

Get a history lesson. go ghost-spotting and sample delicious food all accessible by foot! 

Adelaide Central Market Tour, Adelaide

Since 1869, Adelaide Central Market has been at the epicentre of the food and cultural lifestyle of South Australia. It’s a vibrant, busy place filled with bakeries and patisseries, cafes, cheeses, fruit and vegetable stalls, meat and seafood, and dozens of artisan foods selling everything from roasted nuts to local olive oil.

On a morning walking tour of the market you get to taste as you go, a bit of fruit here, some coffee there, an oyster, a slice or two of gourmet cheese. You hear about the history of the market and you get to meet to the market stall owners too.

Tell me more: The Adelaide Central Market has a two-hour morning tour which operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, there are also breakfast tours and market lunch tours

Adelaide Central Market, Adelaide

Yella Umbrella Walking Tours, Adelaide

You might not know that Adelaide got its name because the English king, William IV, wanted the city to be called after his wife, Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen. Otherwise it would have been called Wellington - the name preferred by Edward Gibbon Wakefield who influenced the planning and building of the city.

This is just one of the facts Bob Brady shares on his Yella Umbrella Walking Tours of Adelaide. “I thought about having a red umbrella for people to follow but there are lots of those around, so I chose yellow. A mate said I’d be known as ‘the fella with the yella umbrella’ and there it was,” Bob says.

This fascinating two-hour tour starts off on North Terrace, where you learn about the colony’s development and many of the important personalities of the age. It ends at the Adelaide Central Market.

Tell me more: Join a Yella Umbrella from10am, Monday to Saturday. 

Adelaide Ghost & Dark History Tours, Adelaide

As with most historical cities, Adelaide has its fair share of things that go bump in the night. The owner of Adelaide Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours, Alison Oborn, gives you the shivers as she takes you around the historic areas of Adelaide while pointing out various murders, apparitions, suicides, and forgotten executions.

There are the ghosts of Government House to reckon with, and those that reside for eternity at the Adelaide Gaol. And there’s the tragic tale of a young maid who lost her love and is still waiting to find him. It’s the perfect combination of history and spooks.

Alison also runs other tours, including a ghost-hunting tour of Tailem Town (Australia’s largest pioneer village), and a Dark History Tour of Gawler (the first country town in South Australia). She also runs the Adelaide Historical Crime Tours, which is an extended daytime version of the Ghost & Dark History Tours, but without the ghosts!

Tell me more: Join a Haunted Horizons Tour from 7pm every Thursday and Friday and take two hours.

Feast on Food, Adelaide

Experience the sights, smells and flavours of Adelaide on a Feast on Foot food tour. On the diverse menu is Lebanese pizza, cupcakes, frozen custard, handmade chocolates, sushi, and Vietnamese steamed dumplings. The emphasis is on local producers and the tours are run by host Caitlin Hillson.

She also brings a bit of culture, street art and history into the mix too. “We also throw in the odd ghost story,” she says. “When we go into the Adelaide Arcade I like to tell the stories of the arcade’s three ghosts.”

You can also join a dumplings tour which takes in four hot spots, with visits to eateries producing authentic Russian, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese dumplings.

Tell me more: The Feast on Foot tour starts at 10am sharp every Saturday and runs for approximately three hours.


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