two hands cutting open a fresh oyster with a chopping board full of lemon wedges and more oysters ready to serve up to eat
Experience Coffin Bay Oysters, Eyre Peninsula

Experience the Eyre Peninsula on a tour or charter

The Eyre Peninsula is home to many fantastic, immersive tours and quality charters. Explore the rugged Head of Bight and Nullarbor or swim with sea lions and cage dive with sharks. Splash with dolphins or spend the day with local fishermen on a Coffin Bay oyster farm tour. See how they're grown, board the oyster boat, then taste the legends themselves plucked straight from the sea. You can also set sail on a fishing charter, embark on a whale watching eco tour or get up-close to wildlife while swimming with giant cuttle fish or at Mikkira Station 

Eyre Peninsula tours

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'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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