22 Apr 2020
Outback roads High river flows

into the wild: Fuzzy Butts on Kangaroo Island

As we commit to flattening the curve of Coronavirus in South Australia, tune in to our Facebook Live videos so we can travel to parts of the state, together, from our living rooms. Learn about koala couples from ever-knowledgeable Nikki from Kangaroo Island Odyssey as she introduces us to some of the locals. #SeeSouthAustraliaFromHome 

South Australia's tourism operators are doing amazing things to navigate through this difficult time. Under current restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many aren't able to operate as they normally would and need our support, now more than ever. Show some love to Kangaroo Island Odysseys and leave a tip via our digital tip jar. Your money will go straight to the operator, to help them through this challenging situation.

See more Facebook Live videos over on SATV.


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