12 Apr 2017

Adelaide's South West is booming with seductive bars, unique beer gardens, eccentric eateries and trendy pubs.


In the past few years, Adelaide’s small bar and café scenes have exploded. From Peel Street, the artisan epidemic has spread steadily through the city, taking over nearby Leigh Street, Vardon Lane and Avenue, as well as Ebenezer Place.

Now, Adelaide’s South West precinct has well and truly caught the fever - with seductive wine bars and unique dumpling/beer gardens, to eccentric Italian eateries and trendy refurbished pubs.

East of Norman

Modern and low-key with a subdued colour-scheme and industrial vibe, East of Norman is the perfect place for a gourmet pizza, relaxed share plate or glass of wine. If you’re popping-in for dinner, you’ll find a range of platters and pizzas, specially designed for passing around.

In case you were wondering, they also do breakfast. Until 11:30am on weekdays, and all day on weekends, you can revel in the flavours of braised lima beans, chorizo and baked egg. If dessert is your calling, you can’t go past the vanilla bean crème brulee.

Tell me more: East of Norman is located at 44-48 Sturt Street, Adelaide.

My Kingdom for a Horse

Tucked away on Adelaide’s Wright Street, My Kingdom for a Horse is a haven for coffee enthusiasts. All specialty coffee is roasted in-house with a bean roaster perched right next to the kitchen. With super-cool 70s inspired furniture, colourful wall art and splashes of neon orange, it’s a café experience like no other.

Main menu highlights include Israeli style eggs baked in spicy rich tomato sauce with dipping toast, Hiramasa kingfish, pan-fried and served with heirloom beets, goat’s chevre and a haloumi cheese burger with roast tomato, eggplant and rocket pesto.

Tell me more: My Kingdom for a Horse is locate at 191/195 Wright Street, Adelaide.

Cantina Sociale

Developed from an “endless love of drinking great wine with great friends”, Cantina Sociale is big on quality rather than quantity. Their wine list is made up of unique, exciting drops, and is designed to be a talking point between seasoned drinkers, looking to taste something exciting and new. You’ll find specialty Tempranillo, Shiraz, Montepulciano, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Grenache and fortified wines.

The food menu is as exciting as the wine list with spring lamb lollipops, duck rillettes, whipped goat’s cheese with truffled honey and radish salad. There’s also local and imported craft beer and an extensive cocktail list.

Tell me more: Cantina Sociale is located at 108 Sturt Street, Adelaide.


Distinctive, classy and full of life, Troppo is a cutting-edge café nestled underneath an eco-housing complex in Whitmore Square. Designed with sustainability, community and conservation in mind, Troppo has an “urban treehouse” feel, with wooden beams jutting haphazardly out of grey concrete walls. The urban treehouse theme continues with intertwined branches spiralling over the roof and plenty of colourful produce on display.

The menu rotates with the seasons and features as much South Australian produce as possible. Coffee is sourced ethically and is also fair-trade/organic. The key to Troppo’s success is its dedication to using only the best ingredients. The menu is simple with dishes such as waffles, daily pizza specials, home-made pot pies, steak sandwiches and burgers – it’s the exceptional ingredients that bring each dish to life.

Tell me more: Troppo is located at 42 Whitmore Square, Adelaide.

Vietnamese Laundry Street Food & Bar

Vietnamese Laundry Street Food & Bar is a tiny Vietnamese restaurant in what was once – surprise, surprise – a dilapidated laundromat. Though the restaurant is minuscule, it stands out from the crowd with a huge, colourful mural wrapping itself around the outside walls.

Inspired by Vietnamese street food and backstreet bars, Vietnamese Laundry specialises in Banh Mi, Vietnamese BBQ dishes, pho, and a large range of quick, authentic meals. The restaurant is licensed and well-known for its unique savoury and sweet pho cocktails. Mouth-watering lunch and dinner favourites are grilled mussel with spring onion oil and crushed peanuts, steamed buns, lotus chips, fried prawns with green flake rice, soft shell crab cups and pork ribs.

Tell me more: Vietnamese Laundry Street Food & Bar is located at 152 Sturt Street, Adelaide.


Mention Feliciano and you’re likely to be met with either a jovial smile or look of confusion. Owner and head chef, Dominic Pelosi, prides himself on his ever-changing menu, so much so that he literally decides what you’ll eat for you. With no menu and no set opening hours, walking into Feliciano is more like turning up to a new friend’s dinner party than a restaurant – but that’s the reason people keep coming back for more.

As long as you’re not a picky eater, you’re more than likely to be impressed with Pelosi’s creations. Rustic pizzas, pasta dishes, steak, chicken wings, meatballs and unbeatable homemade sugo and braciole are just some of the many meals you can (or can’t) expect. Décor is not fancy by any means, but full of charm, and wine is strictly BYO. If you bring an appetite and an open mind, you’re in for one of the most unique dining experiences Adelaide has to offer.

Tell me more: Feliciano is located at 57 Gilbert Street, Adelaide.


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